All our windows are made of high-quality Italian Allco profiles with the following technical details:

  • Frame width: 72 mm
  • Wing width: 78 mm
  • Width of thermal bridge: 33 mm
  • Maximum filler / glass thickness: 54 mm
  • Hardware: Euro channel
  • Maximum wing weight: 150 kg
  • Thermal conductivity of the profile: 1.53 W / m2 K

The Allco.tec 72 system is developed on the basis of in-depth material research and represents a series of technical innovations that have developed over the years based on experience, in direct contact with experts in this field. Allco.Tec 72 is also a versatile system for window frames. A profile that achieves the perfect balance between lightness and strength, which provides maximum thermal insulation and offers the possibility of using the system in all climate zones. Allco.tec 72 offers many aesthetic solutions, from straight lines to arched or square profiles and is ideal for use in modern architecture projects.

In addition, the system, based on the obtained certificates, is used in facilities where safety, evacuation routes, noise reduction are important, in school buildings, hospitals, airports,…

Other advantages of the system are aluminum thickness optimization; new chamber of polyamide thermal cutting bars with dual function: profile consolidation and reduction of heat conductivity; redesigned extruded geometry that facilitates special processes (eg ventilation under glass); EPDM double hole plugs for more efficient sealing on the central parts; optimized hinges to increase wing weight; new

alignment and support elements for glass, which simplify and speed up the assembly of profiles.