profil z gradbeno globino 65 mm

zasteklitev s stekli do 59 mm v delovnem stanju/ do 50 mm v fiksnem stanju

krilo vgradne globine 74 mm

lakiramo v celotni barvni paleti RAL K7 in po naročilu tudi v drugih barvah (uporabite pudrasto kodo)


Uw za Ug = 0.6
(ultimativni distančnik)*





Modern aluminum windows with high thermal performance. The available wide range of system sections guarantees the required aesthetics and strength of the structure. Importantly – the profiles can be bent, which is why they are perfect for creating arched windows.

*The above value of Uw is given for a reference window with dimensions of 1230 x 1480 mm, in the best thermal variant.


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